Private Yoga and Pilates lessons

Having a personal private 1 to 1 can be great if you want to have a introduction to the practice of yoga or Pilates before joining a group class and starting our group programmes.

A private session can also be great if you have a injury that needs a lot of attention. Perhaps you want to figure out how to use yoga or Pilates exercises to recover from an injury. Some examples of injuries that can be helped with yoga or Pilates are knee pain, hip imbalance, shoulder pain and back pain.

We have also had good results from working with clients who have health and also stress related concerns. Some examples of this include anxiety, addictions, arthritis, Parkinson’s, stroke, Crohn’s and autoimmune disorder. If you have been working with a health professional you might be asked to consult your doctor or physiotherapist for specific recommendations.

If you would like to meet up and discuss the sessions before we start let me know.

If you would like to do a session please email Samantha at Sessions cost £30 or 4 sessions for £100